Lille Grand Palais
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Let's work together to reinvent events that are MORE RESPONSIBLE, for a more SUSTAINABLE future!

Lille Grand Palais – Zénith de Lille is a major player in the regional event industry, offering 3 areas of expertise: venue rental, event organization and event creation. Our iconic 3-in-1 45,000m² building includes an exhibition center, a convention center and the Zenith concert hall.


Our approach

Since 2010, sustainable development has been at the heart of our concerns, and since 2020 a strategy has been formalized to place our businesses in a more virtuous dynamic.

Our CSR approach is called “We Comeet”.

WE: employees.
CO: Stakeholders.
MEET: Creators of more responsible encounters.

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The WE COMEET program

Indeed, we are committed to participating in the reinvention and development of the events industry, and to federating our stakeholders along the path of sustainable development, while respecting our compliance obligations. The ultimate goal is to offer services of excellence and innovation in a process of continuous improvement, driven by the expertise and enthusiasm of our teams.

The mobilization of all the organization’s talents to improve our company’s overall performance is articulated around 3 axes:

1/ Implementing new projects to improve the impact of our company and its partners/suppliers.
2/ Supporting our customers in their search for new, more virtuous solutions/products and services.
3/ Deploying positive initiatives on (co)created events to generate a positive and lasting impact.