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Everything you need to know about the Zenith in Lille

Located in the heart of Lille, close to the ring road and train stations, the Zénith de Lille is accessible by all means of transport. Now there’s no excuse not to come and open the Zénith’s big door and discover a blazing stage and a wild audience!

Coming to Lille Zenith
1 Boulevard des Cités Unies
59777 Lille

For more sustainable mobility

We are proposing concrete and innovative solutions to encourage you, the Zénith de Lille spectators, to become actors in a more responsible form of mobility.

We want to be the driving force behind a profound change in the way you travel to our concerts. Having been committed for several years to issues relating to our social and environmental responsibility, we want to go even further on the question of mobility.

Our aim is to help raise awareness and change the travel habits of our concert-goers.

The challenge: to understand the various obstacles and provide concrete solutions to overcome them.

Getting here on foot

Our address: 1, boulevard des Cités Unies, but pedestrian access to the Zenith is via boulevard Emile Dubuisson. When you’re on the forecourt in front of the main entrance to Lille Grand Palais, the entrance is just a few meters on the left.

Other solution

Metro stations : Lille Grand Palais” or “Mairie de Lille” .
By bus: Ligne Citadine – “Lille – Zénith” stop
Parking : P+R Citadine, Porte de Valenciennes
V’Lille: Lille Grand Palais has a bicycle station.
Carpool to your show!


Buy your tickets
directly online

Or through the usual sales outlets :

  • Ticketmaster
    0 892 390 100
  • Fnac Spectacles
    0 892 683 622
  • Digitick
    0 892 700 840

Or by local developers:

  • Verone Productions
    03 20 33 17 34
  • À Gauche de la Lune
    03 28 04 56 66
  • Nuits d’Artistes
    03 22 47 29 00
  • Tu m'étonnes Productions
    03 20 55 38 91
  • Divan Production
    03 20 33 30 70
  • Le Bureau des Spectacles
    03 20 33 46 40

Preparing my visit


Your Experience at the Zénith de Lille: start with perfect preparation!

Simplify your Lille Zenith experience by planning your visit. Discover our tips for an easy arrival, from parking to access. Review essential information on tickets and on-site services. Anticipate and enjoy your event with complete peace of mind.


Placement in the zenith


  1. Seated/standing show with free seating: choose your seat freely; arrive early for more seated options. Access to grandstands subject to availability.
  2. Numbered Seated Show: We accompany you to your reserved seat for guaranteed comfort.
  3. Numbered Seated/Free Standing: Depending on your ticket, opt for a numbered bleacher seat or the freedom of the pit.
  4. Tout Assis Libre show: Select your seat according to your preferences. The earlier you arrive, the more choice you’ll have.

Lost and found.


In the euphoria of a concert or amazement at the beauty of a show, some personal belongings are sometimes forgotten.

Don’t hesitate to contact us on our switchboard, and we’ll do our best to answer your request as quickly as possible.


and safety

Forbidden items

Selfie poles, SLR cameras
Dangerous products: explosives, aerosols, lasers
Motorcycle helmets
Plastic bottle tops, glass bottles, metal cans
Knives, cutters/scissors
Flags, banners
Strollers, bicycles, scooters, skates
Tear gas bombs
Computers or touch-screen tablets

→ All the above items will be placed in a locker during the concert/show and returned on leaving.

Opening hours

We recommend that you reserve your seat 30 minutes before the start of the show. Access to the site and numbered seats is not guaranteed after the start time indicated on the ticket, and no refund will be given. One entrance door remains open throughout the show.


Everyone entering the hall must have a ticket, with no age limit.


In the case of unnumbered free seating/standing, the ticket does not necessarily give access to a seat. This is, of course, subject to availability. If seating is numbered, hostesses will direct you to your seats.

Exit during the show

Leaving the room is permanent.


In the event of cancellation or postponement of the event, the terms of ticket refund will be defined by the organizer / producer of the event. Unless exceptional information is provided by the Zenith, the refund will be made at the ticket office where you purchased your tickets. Zenith Lille cannot be held responsible for ticket refunds, which are the responsibility of the event organizer.

Security checks

On entering the site (pre-control), spectators will undergo a security palpation and, if they have one, will be required to present their open bag to the venue’s security service for a visual check. As part of the Vigipirate plan, checking the contents of bags is systematic and compulsory.


With certain exceptions, children under 3 years of age are not allowed in the hall. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No smoking or vaping

Smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden inside the Zénith de Lille.

Drunkenness and drugs

Anyone found to be intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics will not be allowed access to the Zenith. It is also forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages or illegal products of any kind into the Zenith.


Animals are prohibited, except in exceptional cases (dogs accompanying visually impaired people).

Vigipirate plan

Click here for more details

Any spectator who fails to comply with the house rules or who disrupts public order may be refused access to the facility, or excluded from it, without being entitled to a ticket refund.

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